I am definitely a list maker. Every morning my day starts with writing down on a small yellow legal pad my to-do list for the day. I also make grocery lists, Christmas card lists, and lists of present ideas. You name it, I probably have a list for it.

But one thing I haven’t put into list form — my plants. That is, until now. I’ve always thought keeping a garden journal would be a good idea. It would probably help me remember the names of things I’ve planted, and also help keep track of what I’ve learned in the vegetable garden. But somehow I just never found the time. Then last month at the garden club meeting, I glanced over at someone’s yearbook they had open, and right there across from the sweet little prayer we open with each meeting was a page titled “Plantings.” She had kept track of all the plants she planted since spring. I have no idea why the garden club encourages this. Maybe it’s to enter some contest at the regional level. Or maybe it’s just a way of helping gardeners be more organized. After all, there has to be some benefit to being part of this organization other than the fabulous refreshments.


A Superbena from Proven Winners has quickly become one of my favorite plants, “Royale Cherryburst.”



So I have tried to make a list of everything I planted since March. It’s a little hard, especially since I’ve forgotten the names of a few things already. But I liked the exercise, as walking around my garden and the yard made me take stock of where things are now while trying to remember what I was doing in the spring.

I think that’s why I like making lists so much. They help you figure out where you are at that point in life. You can easily look at the past, figure out what needs to come next, and move on.

So where will this list take me? Obviously out to buy more plants! During the process of listing my plants for 2014, I noticed one pot that had become neglected. Which gave me the perfect excuse to stop by Hawk’s Market and pick up a beautiful, dark maroon mum.





A heuchera, also from Proven Winners


Of course, I didn’t plant Molly, but I couldn’t resist taking her picture as she followed me around the garden.




Do volunteer plants count?


Three small plants of basil have grown into a towering presence in my herb garden.