Editorial Services

I enjoy all levels of editing, from the big-picture work of developmental editing to line editing and copyediting.

What makes a good editor?

Most people think it’s attention to detail and a good writing style, and while those things are very important, the best editors have a good relationship with their clients. I bring to all of my projects more than 20 years of experience in the publishing business, during which I have worked with many different writers in various fields. I feel my best asset is the ability to get to know you and your writing style very quickly. This not only helps things go smoothly as we work back and forth, but it enables me to do my job of editing while keeping the tone and style that you bring to your writing intact.

I enjoy all levels of editing, from the big-picture work of developmental editing to line editing and copyediting. Wondering what exactly you need? Here’s the rundown:

With your stories and knowledge, my organizational skills and wordsmithing, great books are easier to produce than you imagined.

Developmental Editing

This takes a big-picture look at your manuscript. I will evaluate character development, structure of the book, point of view, and tone. You receive a letter with detailed feedback on your manuscript, from over-arching concerns to a chapter-by-chapter analysis.

Line Editing

Most people think of this when they think of editing. Line editing is a more detailed approach than developmental editing, which looks at sentence structure and flow. My goal is to help smooth out your writing, improve sentence structure, and make sure dialogue is believable, all while maintaining your specific voice.


I offer proofreading services on a limited basis. Proofreading is reading just for grammatical and typographical errors, to improve the cleanliness of the final product.

Ghostwriting and Writing Coaching

Many times I’m approached by people who have a great idea for a book, but just don’t know where to start. I can help with that too! I’ve worked with subject matter experts to turn their wealth of knowledge into book form, whether it’s in the realm of ghostwriting or just heavy editing. I also work with writers in a variety of different capacities, providing feedback, encouragement and advice.

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