Every year when I go to buy pansies I have the same problem. There are so many beautiful colors to choose from: dark maroon, bright purple, white and mixed colors. And I love them all. But the white and purple just look like spring to me. And while I love the maroon pansies, I always worry that come spring, when pink azaleas are in full bloom, the maroon pansies will look out of place.

I buy pansies for my pots and annual gardens because they are wonderful plants that look good now, survive our winters, and go gangbusters with blooms in the early spring. But what do you do about picking a color that blends in with the muted tones of the fall garden, yet looks great in the spring as well?

For me, it means I usually end up with yellow pansies. After all, yellow is the color of both seasons. I love my bright yellow chrysanthemums in the fall, and nothing is more cheery on a cold March day then the yellow blooms of daffodils.

Maybe someday I’ll ignore the argument in my head, and if I want to buy purple pansies in the fall I’ll go for it. But for now, I’m happy with yellow.