2020: My Year in Pictures

At the beginning of December the New York Times ran their annual Year in Pictures, and of course, it’s full of great, meaningful moments and amazing photography. I mean absolutely amazing. From the beginning of the pandemic in Wuhan to the first vaccine administered, with stunning photos from the presidential campaign, Black Lives Matter protests, California wildfires, and many other moments in between.

It served as inspiration for me to create my own “year in pictures.” By no means was my year in pictures supposed to highlight my photography skills. I just thought it was a cool idea, and rather than publishing it like the Times did, I decided to turn it into a wall calendar for my mom and Bill’s mom. A little “extra” gift since we couldn’t spend Christmas together with them in person this year. The funny thing was, scrolling through my photo roll, all my pictures looked somewhat similar. Variations of me, Bill and the kids outside — hiking, camping, hanging out by the fire pit.

Most years my pictures are a good mix of recitals, scout award ceremonies, church gatherings, and marching band events. This year, all of those were cancelled. In their place, we found time to hang out in our own backyard a little more than usual, as well as opportunities to explore parks and trails near us (some familiar, some new to us).

Here’s to 2020 — thanks for the family time, the beautiful outdoors, and a chance to really enjoy the seasons as they passed in a whole new way.

Our “school’s out” celebration at Carter Mill Falls looked a little different this year. Just me and the kids, no friends, as we were “quarantining” for COVID-19.
A picnic at our creek to celebrate Creek Week. Had to find some things to celebrate in this crazy year!
Camping in the backyard is always great. Even better when it helps you rank-up in Scouts!
Finally got to check out the kayaks at Lake Hampton in Yadkinville. A great place close by!
Stone Mountain with friends.
Julian Price Park on the Blue Ridge Parkway.
Grayson Highlands State Park, Virginia. Wild ponies, wild weather — way better than shopping on Black Friday!
Here’s to 2020, masks, remote learning, outdoor gatherings, live-streaming church, and Zoomed holidays. I can’t wait to see what 2021 brings!
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