What people are saying about Karen M. Alley Writing and Editing Services:

“Karen is a gifted copywriter and editor, who actually exceeded the high recommendations given her.  She is simultaneously professional and personal, taking the time to understand my projects, goals, and ministry to suscently capture concepts — even those I had difficulty verbalizing.”
Deane Groseclose, author, God at the Crossroads.

“Karen’s skillful and comprehensive edit, along with her strategic, cogent, and challenging but instructive criticism, enabled me to say what I wanted to say — well beyond the writing in my original draft. She is a true writing coach, contributing positively to every detail of composition.”
Joe Mann-Stadt, author of Real Imaginary Dog Tails. Stories at RealImaginaryDogs.com.

“Karen kept my writing on track and on point.  Despite the complex subject of my book, she was able to provide much needed insight at all the right points.  Equally important is that she continued to cheer me on and push me through the tough spots.”
Rob Arnold, author of Cybersecurity: A Business Solution, and founder and CEO of Threat Sketch.

“Karen was a huge help in shaping my manuscript, from small details to big-picture edits. She is very honest and straightforward, and thanks to her sharp eye, I am much more confident in my work.”
Carin Siegfried, author, The Insider’s Guide to a Career in Book Publishing.

“Karen is a super editor. She does her job and makes the writer really feel good at the same time. That is the best combination for an editor.”
Gary Pierce, columnist, Carolina Gardener Magazine.

“Karen helped me with my novel, and not only gave me great edits for individual sentences to make them more clear and streamlined, she also gave tremendously useful advice for bringing in more tension to my book earlier, and had very specific ideas on ways to achieve this.  Her help has been invaluable to me.”
Betsy Thorpe, author, The Thin Place

“I have written and published several middle grade novels, but writing for adults was new territory for me. I had written a novel in two voices, a grandmother and granddaughter, that moved through several different time periods, and I was having trouble constructing the opening in the most compelling way. Karen did a great job helping me weave between the two voices and traverse the time periods.”
Lisa Williams Kline, author of Eleanor Hill, Princesses of Atlantis, Write Before Your Eyes, and the 5-book Sisters in All Seasons series.