Behind every good writer is a good editor. We all could use a little help getting our work ready for print. I offer developmental, line editing and copy editing services to help structure your book, get the flow right, and let your work shine through.

What makes a good editor? Most people think it’s an attention to detail and a good writing style, and while those things are very important, the best editors have a good repartee with their clients. I bring to all of my projects more than 15 years in the publishing business, during all of which I have worked with many different writers in various fields. I feel my best asset is the ability to get to know you, the writer, and your writing style very quickly, which helps as we work through the process of getting your project ready for publication and makes everything go as smooth as possible.

I have edited a number of book-length projects in addition to many years as editor two different magazines, where I constantly edited feature articles and worked with different writers. I enjoy literary fiction, romance, and non-fiction works having to do with parenting, gardening, memoirs, business and marketing, or retail, but am open to works of any topic.

If you have a work that you would like to have edited before seeking publication, please contact me to discuss rates and details.


Developmental Editing. This takes a big-picture look at your manuscript. I will evaluate character development, structure of the book, point of view, and tone.

Line Editing. Most people think of this when they think of editing. Line editing is a more detailed approach than developmental editing, and my goal is to help smooth out your writing, improve sentence structure, and make sure dialogue is believable, all while maintaining your specific voice.

Proofreading. I offer proofreading services on a limited basis. Proofreading is reading just for grammatical and typographical errors, to improve the cleanliness of the final product.

Editorial Planning. If you have a great idea but can’t figure out how to get it into book form, this is where editorial planning comes in. I can work with you to help organize your thoughts or chapters and get to where you need to be to really start writing.