Karen AlleyWith almost 20 years’ experience in the writing and editing business, I bring a knowledge of the publishing process and passion for the work to any project I take on.  I didn’t always dream of working in the publishing industry. In fact, I toyed with the idea of being a pediatrician, a vet, and a teacher at different times growing up. But I always kept journals and diaries and wrote a lot of letters. Writing was just a part of my life.

Then while attending Davidson College, a professor made an off-hand remark in an American Literature class that you couldn’t have a career as an editor unless you moved to New York City. Something about that lit a spark in me, and I decided to set out to prove him wrong.

I started my career working in book production, helping publish college-level English textbooks. I then moved onto magazines, and worked as the editor of both the IGA Grocergram and Carolina Gardener magazine, each for about five years. During my tenure with magazines I not only worked as an editor, developing content and working with writers, but I also did quite a bit of writing myself. I have been published in a number of magazines, including Pet Age Magazine and O. Henry Magazine.

Now I have begun a new chapter in my career with KMA Writing and Editing Services. This business encompasses both of my passions, writing and editing. My writing services are available for any form of content, including print or online publications as well as ghost writing projects. Writing gives me the opportunity to explore new topics and meet interesting people, and I love being able to tell their stories. I also enjoy helping other people bring their writing to life. My editing services can help you fine-tune your project and get it ready for publication. I specialize in developmental and line editing, but also can do copy editing and proofreading. With my varied experiences in print publications, grant writing, digital publications, and website publishing as well as working with social media, I bring an energetic and well-rounded approach to your project.


About Blending It Up

kidsMy blog, Blending It Up, lives on this website, but as you can tell from reading just a few posts, it is not about writing and editing. I have spent many years writing blogs for other websites and other people, and all along toyed with the idea of writing my own blog. The one thing that always stopped me was trying to come up with a theme. I thought if I was going to launch a blog, I needed to have a purpose behind it, sort of a guiding theme that all of the posts would follow. But it never got the spark going. So I finally decided to throw conventional wisdom aside, and just write a blog that’s me. It takes all the elements I’d wanted to blog about in the past — blended families, work-at-home moms, and gardening — and puts it all together in one blog.

I plan to write a lot about my garden, especially in the spring. I am sure there will also be a lot about my family, as my adult stepson and two kids in elementary school are a top priority in my life. And of course, the trials and tribulations of balancing work and family from a work-at-home mom’s perspective will definitely pop up.

I hope that you’ll have patience with the haphazardness, and join me as I embark on a blog of my own.