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  1. Like you, I too love to read…and it is hard for me to begin because I have a hard time putting a book down! This year I have read 13 hours , Gray Mountain, & The Whistler…and just bought Rogue Lawyer to take when I stay with my sister in the hospital. One of my favorite magazines is Reader’s Digest, because of the varied stories, and also the size- perfect to stash in my purse if I have an appointment and might be kept waiting. The baby shower I am attending this weekend asked for books instead of a card. When I give books I always include The Reading Mother poem – even though in my case it was my father that read to me!

    • That is such a great idea to give books at a baby shower! One of my favorites when Caroline was a baby was cheap finast for sale, by Janet S. Wong. It really seems to capture the exhaustion of motherhood.
      And I like Reader’s Digest too. Especially the jokes!

  2. I read recently to make sure that you read at least one chapter a day. I’ve been doing that. Often one chapter becomes three or five when I didn’t think I had time for one.

    • That’s a good idea to try for a chapter a day. Also, as much as I prefer physical books over ebooks, I did download one on my phone a while back, and found that made it easier for me to read a few pages here and there, like waiting on the bus or in car line. Maybe I should do that more often.

  3. I’m a firm believer in audiobooks as a way to squeeze more in when you think life is too busy. All the non-kid things you mentioned as pulling you away–cooking, laundry, dogs, sweeping–can be done while listening to an audiobook! My library has an excellent selection and I can download them onto my phone from home. I don’t like that the checkout time is shorter (2 weeks) but it really helped me hit my reading goals last year!

    • True. I need to make better use of my smartphone and take advantage of audio books. I could also in the car, but I tend to use that time listening to NPR or Entertainment Weekly Radio. 🙂

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