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  1. Go Bill!!! I have never won anything on powerball tickets, but maybe that is because I rarely buy them. Yes it is fun to dream…and how nice to have that conversation with your family. I recently played the penny slot machine at a casino before Christmas and got excited when a lot of matching pictures came up. The lady next to me said had I MAXIMIZED my coins, I would have won $ 30,000!!! But I was content with winning $300 since I only put about 5 dollars in. Still….I think of how close I came!

    • There’s such a thrill in winning, no matter what it is you win!

  2. Thing 1 and Thing 2 helped me with a Publisher’s Clearing House entry last week. They have already spent their winnings half a dozen ways, mostly involving iPads and Minecraft! That’s as big as they can dream.

    • I love it! Caroline has seen the PCH commercials and asked me why we didn’t enter. 🙂

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