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  1. Well said! I, too, dream of an English cutting garden with walkways and a border, maybe with a statue or a fountain in the center. While I did manage to get the “cottage” home, it came with a canopy of shade where I can only grow a few vegetables in tubs on our deck. And did I mention the deer? While I do enjoy camellias and daffodils, and a few peonies, that is all I can manage to bloom.

    And there are chores that I also put off as long as I can. It might be the difficult monogramming item that is impossible to hoop. Or the bank statement reconciliation for my husband’s business. Or the silver that I try to polish twice a year. But the feeling I get when they are finished is not only relief, but satisfying. It makes me want to do the hard things first.

    I should try harder at maintaining friendships too. I’ve neglected many that are worth keeping, due to my busyness and my true introverted self!
    But to use your words, its worth it.

  2. Excellent analogies. I love your garden stories because I had a garden in Marietta that I loved for years.

    • Being able to stay in one place really does make a difference! I look at how much things have grown and changed since we moved in 9 years ago, and it makes me happy.

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