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  1. Karen, I love your writing style and “can see” your Grandpa Milholland as you so vividly describe him, “wearing his button-down, short-sleeved shirt and dress pants, usually in a tan or brown color.” Whenever your Grandpa and Grandma Milholland attended church lunches or special celebrations, he was dressed in this manner. Your article brings to mind of long ago days when grandparents were as much of our lives as the air we breathed. Thank you for helping me “recapture” past memories of my grandparents and their flowers- roses, gardenias, magnolias, and the sweet era of those days.

  2. What a wonderful article, Karen. I met your grandpa several times when he visited in Marietta. Your description of the porch and all the memories take me to the place, and I can smell the gardenias. I never had grandparents and I missed out on a lot because of that. You and Locke were very fortunate to have both the grandparents and the parents that you did.

    • Thank you, Pearl. Locke and I are lucky to have a good family. I’m sorry you didn’t get to enjoy time with your grandparents. But hopefully that makes the time with your own grandchildren even more special.

  3. What a lovely memory through talented writing. Just lost a dear friend and my fondest memories of her are our walks and talks in each other flower gardens.

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