For the Love of Berries

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On Monday I picked blueberries. Tuesday it was blackberries. There are so many things I love about summer, but picking berries is one of my favorites. I love that I can just walk down my driveway and get a bowl full of blackberries for ice cream each night for the first couple of weeks in July, and some years there’s enough for a cobbler. This might be one of those years. The blackberries out there are plentiful as well as big and juicy, a...

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New Beginnings

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I have toyed with the idea of having my “own” blog for years. I’ve written blogs for other websites (Piedmont Parent and Carolina Gardener) and other people (ghostwriting, shh!), but I’ve never struck out on my own. Every time I think about doing it I get petrified with fear and stop. Fear that I won’t have anything to write about. Fear that I won’t have a good premise and be able to stay on topic. Fear that my friends will get tired of me...

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