Valentine’s Day Cookies

Posted by on Feb 10, 2017 in cooking/recipes, Family, Friends, Parenting, Uncategorized | 4 comments

Why should sugar cookies only be made at Christmas? Sure, these melt-in-your mouth delights are associated with the holiday season, probably in part due to their colorful sprinkles or icing. But when I was a kid, we had sugar cookies for all sorts of seasons and holidays. Shamrocks on St. Patrick’s Day, leaves in the fall, bunnies at Easter, not to mention the host of fun cookie cutter shapes that weren’t holiday related that my mom would use...

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Christmas Cards in the Facebook Age

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Every family has its own Christmas traditions, and I love that we enjoy so many of them. In our family making sugar cookies decorated with sprinkles is one thing I do with the kids every year at Christmas, and Bill and the kids make buckeyes, or peanut butter balls with the peanut butter showing through the chocolate at the top. These are just two of many, including decorating the tree, watching Elf, and looking at other people’s...

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Surviving the Holiday Season of Hyperactivity

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Remember that excitement you used to feel when you were a kid every year when December rolled around? The lights, the decorations, the cookies, the music, the holiday specials on TV, and maybe most exciting of all — a break from school! If you have young children, you remember that excitement well. You live it, vividly, through them, each and every day. As a parent, I have come to realize that my kids, who are generally well behaved, turn...

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A Snow Day with No Snow: Coping as a Work at Home Mom

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I love snow days. Sometimes. As a kid, snow days were the best. Watching the weather the night before, guessing whether it will snow or not, waking up in the morning to all white outdoors and your mom greeting you with the exciting news that school’s cancelled. There’s nothing better than a day off you weren’t expecting. Then, in my 20s, they weren’t so fun. Work didn’t get cancelled like school did. Snow meant having to clean off my car,...

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Real Feel

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It was a running joke on our post-Christmas trip to Ohio that the “RealFeel” temperature on my phone was always at least 10 degrees less than the actual temperature. On our drive up, while we were in the middle of the trip in West Virginia, I would look at my phone for some entertainment. “Hey guys, it’s 34 degrees in La Rue (Bill’s hometown). But it feels like 22!” Peals of laughter would come from the backseat. “And guess what, it’s 48...

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For the Love of Berries

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On Monday I picked blueberries. Tuesday it was blackberries. There are so many things I love about summer, but picking berries is one of my favorites. I love that I can just walk down my driveway and get a bowl full of blackberries for ice cream each night for the first couple of weeks in July, and some years there’s enough for a cobbler. This might be one of those years. The blackberries out there are plentiful as well as big and juicy, a...

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