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I am coming out and saying something in public that my family has known for a very long time: I am a creature of habit. I do not like change. I thrive on routine. Unfortunately, routine, having things stay the same, is not how life works. And for me, that has caused a lot of stress in my life, in ways both big and small. I have spent a lot of my life ignoring the fact that life is messy, or maybe not so much ignoring it as trying to make mine...

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My kids are in the first and fourth grade. Which goes without saying, I’ve been on my share of field trips over the past few years. We’ve gone to farms, Grandfather Mountain, the North Carolina Zoo, Catawba Science Center, and the Winston-Salem Children’s Museum, just to name a few. For all of them, I was glad I had been sometime before in my life, because when you go with a bunch of kids, all but one that aren’t yours, you spend most of your...

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Kermit had it right when he sang, “It’s not easy being green.” He says because he’s green he blends in, people pass him over, and he feels ordinary. And isn’t that pretty much how we think about green in the garden? We take it for granted. We walk over grass without thinking twice. We marvel at the colors of leaves in the fall, but no one begs tourists to come drive the Blue Ridge Parkway in the spring for leaf viewing. In all my years working...

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We made it through the school year from September through the end of February with nothing more than a slight sniffle. No ear infections, no flu, no trips to the ER for broken bones. Then March came. Warmer weather, longer days, greener grass — spring is definitely on its way, and I thought we were home free with sickness. Then about 12:30 last Tuesday night, I heard a pathetic voice calling “Mommy” from the bathroom. I drug myself out of...

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