Add Smurfs 2 to the List of Good Blended Family Movies

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Surprisingly enough, I’m writing today to give a somewhat positive review to Smurfs 2. I’m coming a little late to the game on this one, since Smurfs 2 came out in theaters last summer, but I just saw it last week when I took the kids to the free movie Kidsfest at our local theater. I have to admit, I wasn’t really looking forward to it. While I did like the smurfs as a kid, I wasn’t ever a huge fan or collector, and the live action movie kind...

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A Temporary Military Wife

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For most of the month of July, I lived life as a military spouse. Technically I’m a military spouse all the time, but with Bill serving in the Reserves it feels more like a temporary part of our lives rather than a full-time commitment. He’s usually only gone for one weekend a month, and sometimes we even go with him to Charlotte, spending a day hanging out in the city and eating at restaurants we don’t have in Elkin. It’s when the summer...

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For the Love of Berries

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On Monday I picked blueberries. Tuesday it was blackberries. There are so many things I love about summer, but picking berries is one of my favorites. I love that I can just walk down my driveway and get a bowl full of blackberries for ice cream each night for the first couple of weeks in July, and some years there’s enough for a cobbler. This might be one of those years. The blackberries out there are plentiful as well as big and juicy, a...

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I’m Officially Middle-Aged: I ate a Cucumber Sandwich

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Lately it seems like I’ve seen a lot of links to lists of ways to know you’re 40, good things about being 40, bad things about being 40, and multiple other variations on that same theme. Maybe I’m just seeing them more lately because my friends and I are hitting the big 4-0. The lists include exactly what you would suspect: your favorite bands are now played on classic rock stations, your weekends are full of afternoon birthday parties instead...

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Sitter or No Sitter? That is the Question

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  This summer, my kids are 6 and 9. As the end of school loomed and I had to make decisions about what to do for work this summer, I toyed with the idea I might not hire a babysitter. I thought our babysitter from last summer was unavailable, and rather than trying to find someone new and break them in, I thought we might just go without. After all, I only have the babysitter a couple of days a week anyway. And my kids are getting old...

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